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Passport is helping Vegamour ship its products to customers around the world

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Vegamour prides itself on using the world’s finest, hand-curated, natural ingredients to ensure the quality and efficacy of its products. And just like they care about their products, they care that their products get to their international customers’ doorsteps without hassle – something that isn’t always a given, especially with international shipments.

Vegamour partnered with Passport to create a great international customer experience using Passport’s duty and tax calculator at checkout, reliable shipping network, and dedicated customer support.


savings on shipping fees
lowered free shipping threshold from over $150 to $125
increase in conversion rates
countries shipped to

Challenges with legacy carrier

Before Passport, Vegamour faced deliverability challenges with their legacy shipping carrier. When packages got lost or issues arose, Vegamour had no way of contacting the carrier to find out the shipment status. So Vegamour would have to reship orders, which significantly impacted their bottom line.

Vegamour also had a high rate of packages getting returned to them, but they didn’t always know why that was happening.

Vegamour knew they needed a better international shipping solution.

Improved customer experience with Passport

With Passport, Vegamour’s international customers know exactly how much they need to pay for duties and taxes at checkout, which makes customers confident that their packages will be delivered without issues. This has improved Vegamour’s cart conversion rates by 38.7%.

Passport’s dedicated team helps Vegamour get up and running, from ensuring their products are in compliance to selecting the right shipping service.

With an expansive network, an in-house team of compliance and shipping experts, and a user-friendly software platform, Passport has helped Vegamour increase customer satisfaction, reduce shipping costs, and improve conversion rates for their international customers.

Because our customers see how much duties and taxes they need to pay at checkout, our conversion rates have improved significantly.
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